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Where the Columbia and Willamette rivers seductively flow into each other, there you will find the Gem of the Pacific, the Jewel of mid-Atlantic: Portland, Oregon. So original and dynamic a city, it has its own wildly popular television show that celebrates the extreme specialness that is Portland. And we at Bombshell Escorts are here to make the city even more so.

Portland is also known as “The City of Roses”. Not just for its perfect “rose growing” climate, but, we think, also for the girls of Portland Escorts. Meet Ashanti, a gloriously voluptuous American Beauty, sure to keep you up all night, even in memory. You will not want to pass up this fabulous femme! Then there is Eve., a budding beauty so gorgeous you might think she actually is the First Woman. Tall, statuesque and formidably beautiful, you will be surprised at how submissive such a strong woman can be! And finally there is our Knockout Rose: Kim. A flower most exotic, a rare cross-pollinated breed, Kim exceeds expectations…and then some! Rumor has it she is only available during the full moon-but don’t believe it. She’s waiting for you tonight.

These three are only the tip of the petal. We are constantly training new talent to always provide upscale care for our busy clientele.

Bombshell Escorts reflects the modern style of Portland. Our Portland escorts are up to date on all trends, seriously intelligent and as gorgeous as the city they call home. For the business traveler we supply you with a distinctive flavor, unlike any Portland escort you have ever tried. And the local client can be well assured they will be getting their city’s crème de la crème.

When ordering be sure to ask suggestions from Jackie and Alex, our most efficient and knowledgeable dispatchers. They can discreetly suggest what you might be looking for (sometimes before you even ask!). Don’t let their knowledge of the Portland escorts go to waste. They are a utility to use!

Bombshell Escorts is an agency that takes honest pride in their ability to completely fulfill our client’s requirements. Give us a call today. We can guarantee we can help make Portland an even greater memory.

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