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Milwaukee may be saddled with the identity of being an also-ran when compared to its more distinguished sister-city Chicago, but the girls of this formidable Lake Michigan metropolis would beg to differ!  Like the plethora of cheeses produced by its home state, the fabulous femmes of Milwaukee’s number one escort agency are tangibly ripe and uncommonly piquant (and go especially well with a dry Sauvignon Blanc….)

Roxi, our boisterous strawberry blonde beauty is as scintillating a ray of proverbial sunshine as our prosperous city on the Lake has to offer!  Always smiling and magnificently yearning to please, no client has had anything less to observe about Roxi than that she’s absolute perfection.  And as sumptuous a beauty as she is a personality!  Her attitude is as sincere as it is luminous, her laugh as infectious as a draught of fresh air.  Her presence, there very essence of salubriousness.

Lynette is our Jezebel brunette, a henna vixen with an hourglass figure that will have you certainly counting the hours until her arrival. Never underestimate the provocative nature and awesome power of our brunette fem-bot.  Virtually incomparable to any other escort in Milwaukee, Lynette can capture your imagination as easily as she can capture your heart. The term “statuesque” may have been coined especially for this rose rouge.  Venture a session with our most voluptuous courtesan.

Are you looking for a Nubian beauty that will produce seismic activity throughout your senses?  Look no further than the exquisiteness of our sensational Tia!  Our most popular thoroughbred, Tia comes with her own lascivious rulebook!  Her caramel-mixed-with-cream skin, her Egyptian eyes, her singularly seductive form…Tia never disappoints (and often defies expectations!)  Ready for anything, she radiates erogenous energy just by casually perambulating into the room.  Watch out!

Discriminating clients might look no further than Tanya, the Queen of our roster and by no means a dilettante in the art of les escorts.  Slightly older than the rest of our glorious gals, Tanya comes with the excessive knowledge gifted by age and exquisite beauty. She can miraculously alleviate stress merely through understanding, by caressing you with the profundity of her intellect.  Loquacious and never pugnacious, Tanya is the girl to titillate your mind as well as body!

We have an embarrassing overabundance of suitable Milwaukee Escorts to choose from (some might believe to a superfluity degree!) but we are as hyper-eager to please our clients as are our meticulous mademoiselles.  From our many ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities, Milwaukee Escort of Bombshells bevy of beauties is a promise of an hour’s worth of fanciful fun.

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