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Pensacola, Florida.  Fabulously refreshing sea breezes.  Cacophonic waves.  Satisfyingly sensual sand sexily serenading your soles as you strolls along the brazenly white beaches.  What is it about the “City of Five Flags” that ensures purists and tourists alike that Florida is not only the land of seaside adventure but of hedonistic pleasures as well?  Is it the monolithic magnitude of the Garcon Point Bridge that straddles Pensacola Bay?  Is it the blatant romance of the enormous Lovers Moon known to appear and voluptuously smile down over the Gulf?   The phallic majesty of the Fairpoint Peninsula?  Ask anyone, from the courageous businessman to the hearty-and-ready-to-party spring break interloper:  Pensacola is obdurate in its desire to stimulate you.

To add to your extreme sensory experience why not let Bombshells supply you with an added bonus of Pensacola Escort, the best kept secret in “Pensacarnal”….

Our girls are the very essence of the iconic Florida Girl.  They will provide you with the utmost in merriment and diversion.  Not your typical escorts, our Pensacola Escorts are furtive in their abject desire to please you.  At once sweetly simple and monumentally complex, they will tickle your fancy as well as engage your intellect.  Jessica : our fleur-de-lis, a trinity of sweetness, softness and rambunctious readiness that will have you recalibrating your ideas of why brunettes have more fun!  Karen:  Exotic and erotic in measured doses; this gal is the tropical euphemism for the term scorching.  As sinfully salty and silly as any girl you’ve encountered.  Rachel is our resident “sweet heart” a brash and brassy young lady of layered delights.  Saucily decadent in true Floridian style, she will seduce you with her randy personality and peripatetic earthiness. Finally Christine, our gadabout girl!  Quirky, perhaps eccentric.  Definitely an original!  She of the irregular sense of humor and down-home brazenness!  Don’t choose Christine if you’re not ready to be inundated with the non-conventional!

Don’t spend your nights in resplendent Pensacola alone.  We not only have precisely what you’re looking for, the crème de la crème of elite young women, we also have the best prices in town!  Casual encounters?  Daring and delirious transverses into the heightened ordinary?  Or perhaps an augury evening of breathtaking prestidigitation. Allow our Pensacola Escort to entertain and indulge you in all that is rarefied and exhilarating about our celebrated city.  All of that and certainly more are available to you through the charisma and “je ne sais quoi” of the girls of Bombshells.  At this moment they are anticipating your call, whether it be the yearning visitor or the inquisitive local.  Bombshell’s Pensacola Escorts enchanting ladies are waiting.

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